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nano digest

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Nano digest is a great step to popularize the nanoscience activities and programmmes..

subhranshu sekhar samal
scientist-C , CNSNT, sathyabama University
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Good Effort… keep up the good work. Involve more young minds into the magazine.

Prof CNR Rao
National Research Professor & Father of Indian Nanotechnology, JNCASR
Brilliant, I personally admire the magazine and should become popular amongst all concerned in this field.

Dr G Sundararajan
Director, ARCI
Excellent magazine and most importantly it is very informative. This should become the magazine for the entire Indian nanotech scenario.

Dr Prahlada
Chief Controller, DRDO
New Delhi
The magazine looks great and serves as information and announcement platform for the nano community. I want this magazine to be modelled on the absolutely modern guidelines of techno-commercial set up. It should not end up like becoming one more stereotype of science magazines in India. In summary, I don’t want this magazine to go in stereotype hands. I want it to become as popular like Time, Tehelka, Film Fare in the Nano community. People should not even miss one issue. It should be like must read.

Dr Sachin Parashar
Chief, Tata Chemicals Ltd
Terrific, I liked every page of it. I have read it completely and reading a few pages it has bound me. Thanks I’ll circulate it to al the people as this is not only very Informative but very inspiring too.

Krishna Ravindran Pillai
Engineer, HCL
I congratulate you all for achievement in the form of a one-off Indian magazine on Nanotechnology. I was really excited to find out about Nano Digest.

Dr Kumar
Lecturer, IMS - Biosciences
Ghaziabad, UP
Congratulations for bringing out Nano Digest. To put in one word "this is what we want". I once again wish the great success of our new born Nano Digest to reach the every corner of practising science world , industry and gain much momentum. For that effort let me be the first devotee.

S Srinivasan
Quality Department, Brakes India
I am delighted that Nano Digest has been doing great service to the nanoscience community by bringing out topical issues as well as providing useful information to practitioners as well as beginners.

Prof C N R Rao, FRS
National Research Professor and, JNCASR
Nano digest is a great step to popularize the nanoscience activities and programmmes.

subhranshu sekhar samal
scientist-C, CNSNT, sathyabama University
Nano Digest is an excellent magazine and very informative. I am sure that this updates the current trends and significant inventions that took place in the nano related research.All the best to readers.

Dr. S R N Kiran Mangalampalli
Research Associate, Indian Institute of Science
I) MSc. Organic Chemistry ii) Ph.D Chemistry Research area : Syntheis of Conducting polymer nanoparticls and transition metal nanopatical application in Bilogical activity field Application of these material as a catalyst for organic reactions. Syntheis of Zinc oxide TiO2 Ni nanoparticles use in organic catalysis reaction

Dr.Vasant Chabukswar
Associate Professor, Nowrosjee Wadia College, Chemistry Department Pune-411001,India
Nowrosjee Wadia College, Chemistry Department Pune-411001,India
Nanodigest is really an excellent platform for the periodical updates about the multidisciplinary facets of nanotechnology and its applications. Hope this will attract more readers in near future.

ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, KCG College of Technology, Chennai
I recently came across this journal and very impressed with the quality of research articles and information available on diverse topics in nanoscience. Hope it cuts across and reaches students of science in India.

Peter Nirmalraj
Research Scientist
IBM Zurich.
A great effort towards the development of the smallest things (nano).

Senior lecturer in Physics
PACR Polytechnic College, Rajapalayam – 626108 (India).
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