Nano Digest

Student Outreach Programme

  • Very soon Nano Digest will start its Student Outreach Programme.
  • The Programme aims to guide and help students in preparing for the future.
  • Regular programmes are planned in different colleges.
  • The college students who are in Final Year of Degree or Third and Final Year of Engineering can participate in the Programme.
  • Based on the college which is chosen as the venue to hold the Outreach Programme that respective month, the Programme will be customized to the students.
  • Industry and Academic experts in Interdisciplinary Sciences will address the students.
  • Not a one-time affair. The Nano Digest Student Outreach Programme will not just be a one-day workshop wherein the experts speak, the students listen and there is no continuation of the Programme.
  • Nano Digest Student Outreach Programme will continue after the one day workshop.
  • In fact, it will start off from the workshop held in the respective college and groups over the social networks will be formed.
  • The students can interact with experts, interact among themselves, share information, get information and most importantly clarify any kinds of doubts with the experts.
  • So, to find out the schedule of Nano Digest Student Outreach Programme write to us
  • Also if you want the Programme to be conducted in your college write to us

Nano Digest Student Outreach Programme, C/o Nano Digest, 416C, Babu Khan Estate, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad: Email: nanodigest@gmail.com; info@nanodigestmag.com