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About Nano Digest

Nano Digest was born because there is no single platform in India wherein the scientists, researchers, academia, students and the industry would deliberate and develop the technology for the use of common man. Being the first magazine for Nano Science and Technology in India, Nano Digest promises to bring the entire gamut of this field into its colourful and well-presented 52 page monthly publication.


Nano Digest's target is to explain the technology and its benefits to every ordinary person, wherebycreate enthusiasm amongst the youngsters to think about making a career in this area.Nano Digest thinks it is allthe more important to inform its readers the latest happenings in the sector. While research is taken care, the periodical will give extra focus on industry, its developments, track the new comers an focus on the brighter aspects of the business of Nano Technology.


Nano Digest will summaries the world of Nano science and Technology for its readers in easy-to-understand language, well-designed pages and bring in relevance of this field intothe lives of many.

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