Editorial advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board of Nano Digest consists of professionals who, each in their discipline and with an independent view, assist the editorial board by making recommendations on potential authors and specific topics. Each member also contributes content to the magazine. They also advise on current issues and advances in the field. The board reviews and comments on specific articles as well as the whole presentation of the site, and generally to act as a sounding board and a conscience. However, they are not responsible for any errors; final decisions on content remain with the publisher and professional editors.


Prof. Ashok-Ganguli

Prof. Ganguli is a Professor of Chemistry. His research area includes designing of nano structures us in microaggressions with desired size,shape,shell thickness and aspect ratio for applications in photo catalysis, photostatic, efficient electrostatics for hydrogen and oxygen evolution reaction sand porous functionalist nano structures for toxin removal and water purification. Prof. Ganguli has been awarded the MRSI Medal(2006),the CRSI Medal in 2007 and the CRSI-CNR Rao National Prize in 2013. He is a fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences (FASc), National Academy of Sciences (lndia) (FNASc), Fellow of The Royal Society of Chemistry, London(FRSC) and Fellow of the Asia Pacific Association of Materials (FAPAM).

Dr Partha Ghosal, DRDO

Dr. Ghosal holdsa PhD in Metallurgy. He heads Nano initiatives at DMRL and has been a name to reckon in the field of Electron Microscopy. Presently he heads the Electron Microscopy Department in DMRL. Priorto joining DRDO, Dr. Ghosal was a Research Associateat Banaras Hindu University. He is fellow of various internationally renowned academiesand continues to contribute for further research in the field of microscopy. He has been awarded Fellow, EMSI; Laboratory Scientist of the Year (DRDO); Young Microscopist by EMSI, etc.

Dr. Lalit Bharadwaj

Dr. Bharadwaj has used a judicious combination of basic sciences, life science sand engineering to add resssome of the challenging multidisciplinary research asevident from his publication, 24 PhD students in the area of physical &engineering sciences has been member of number of national committees of  DST. DBT. ICMR, DIT. Cll, FICCI, MHRD etc and board of studies of number of universities. He worked in the area high ­resolution electron microscopy of semiconductors at Reims University, France as visiting scientist(high fellowship)and professor. At Cornell University worked on various nano fabrication techniques including electron and ion beam writing.

Dr. Suresh Rama Prabhu

Dr. Ramaprabhu holds a PhD in Physics from I ITM. later he went on to become a research associate same department and now continues his research at Department of Physics in ll TM.His research interests include Experimental Condensed Matter Physics Advanced Nano materials Science. He has been associated with various international conferences and academies at different levels. His research group is involved instate-of-the ­art research in hydrogen energy technology and Nano technology focusing on synthesis and applications of carbon nano tubes and graphene to Fuel cells, solar cells and Nano fluids. have developed more than 10 technologies and filed  15 patents.

Dr Murthy Chavali

Prof. Chavali, since Nov. 2013 working as professor and R&D Coordinator, Department of Sciences and Humanities, VFSTR University. Previously he served as professor Head, Department of nanotechnology, NICHE. He quickly completed PhD from Technological University of Vienna as OEAD Fellow. Apart from this he received grant from European Nations (6nations-Austria, Israel, Germany, Ireland,  France&Spain) project, from where he developed anultra­trace gas sensor for air pollutants. Before Joining VFSTR University. He had worked and collaborated with different international universities and has worked on various new initiatives.


Dr. Purushotham also holds additional charge of Director General of Consultancy Development Center (CDC)an Autonomous  Institution DSIR. He possess about 33 years of diverse experience in different Government Institutions repute (CSIR­NEISTJorhat, NCBM Delhi, CSIR-CLRI Chennai, ANllDCO Ltd Port blair, ARCI Hyderabad, TDB Delhi, Negativity Delhi, NRDC and CDC Delhi)and held several top level Engineering I Management I Leadership positions in the Industry, Research and Consultancy. He is sphere heading Commercialization of Innovative Technologies Developed by various public funded R&D Labs and Universities in the country.