Welcome to Equip, Get Equipped!

After having been in popularising science and technology for 10 years and reaching to the global scientific community with a one-of-its-kind magazine – Nano Digest, we have found that there is not a single point where we can get all the global innovations happening in the scientific instrumentation field. Thus, the birth of Equip took place.

Equip is a monthly update on scientific instruments. Equip is a free eNewsletter providing industry news on instruments, apparatus, software, detectors, and techniques in experimental measurement. Instruments and technologies covered in this free publication include signal and spectrum analyzers, temperature and humidity measurement and control, spectrometers and chromatography, imaging, and data acquisition equipment.

Equip looks at the markets and how the companies are performing. It is more to do with the business of science and technology. Equip serves Biochemistry; Food & Beverage; Pharmaceuticals; Chemicals; Life Sciences; Biotechnology; Scientific/Medical/Test Instrument Manufacturing; Semiconductor Manufacturing; Independent Research Centers, above all the companies that are active in these markets will find a place in Equip.