Iranians Develop Long lasting Lubricants

An Iranian knowledge-based company has used nanotechnology to produce a durable car engine lubricant that stays in good condition for the record time of 17,000 hours.


Iranian knowledge-based company “Pardis Chemistry Bakhtar” has employed nanotechnology to synthesize a special type of motor oil that contains nanometer sized diamonds.

The technical manager of the Iranian company, Hani Fazeli, says the nanotechnology engine oil reduces fuel consumption by 6 to 8 percent, increases acceleration by up to 30 percent, reduces exhaust fumes by 11 to 31 percent, extends the engine life, and lasts almost three times longer than the ordinary motor oils.

“Normal engine oil in a car would last between 7,000 and 10,000 kilometers under given conditions. If this (nanotechnology) oil is used in the same conditions, it will easily work for 15,000 to 20,000 kilometres,” he explained.

The advanced motor oil that contains nanosized diamonds is available in various grades suitable for different light and heavy weight vehicles, running on gasoline, diesel or other fuels, he added.

Fazeli said the homegrown lubricant was commercialized 8 years ago, is protected by patent, and meets the compulsory standards.

He explained that the nanometer sized particles in the lubricant create an oil film between the piston and cylinder, as if the engine’s parts are coated by a new layer.

The advanced-formula engine oil reduces the friction that normally occurs between the piston and cylinder by 90 percent, thereby reducing energy consumption in the engine, he added. Fazeli said the nanotech motor oil is being exported to 15 countries, including Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, the Republic of Azerbaijan, Kosovo, Italy and Iraq.

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