Nano Digest, India Premiere Magazine on Nanotechnology is the one and only magazine of its kind in the country. Targeted at the growing field of science this magazine is the voice of Indian nanotech community. Welcome to Nano Digest, this monthly will be the point of information, while understanding the trends and spelling out the success that emerges out the labs. 

Developing a new venue for various people to congregate and deliberate is always a Herculean task. Over two years of research and hard work has given us the direction to create a new venue or platform that we think will foster the growth of Indian Nanoscience and technology. This platform is Nano Digest. Being the country’s first magazine focussed specially on this emerging science and technology, we have set a goal for ourselves – to provide rightful and useful information for the community. Towards this end we have developed a network that will guide and support us to develop a strong voice for the Indian nanotechnology. 

As mentioned rightful and useful information is the lead motif of Nano Digest, and we have strives to do this. We promise to continue to work much harder issue-on-issue and keep improving this platform, which would be accepted by the Indian nanotech community. For any effort to strive and be successful, support from all is the key. And Nano Digest, anticipates that we are accepted by the community, while guiding and supporting us to make this The say of Indian nanotech. 

The 52-page monthly comes from the group of Journalists, who have huge experience in media and have specialised in working with technology publications. Coming from the baton of Journalists, this monthly is a magazine and not a journal and intends to bring everybody concerned in this field on to a single platform called Nano Digest.