Nano fever-indicating clothes exported

An Iranian textile company has produced and exported nano-enhanced clothes for children that can reveal if the one wearing them has fever by changing colors.

An Iranian manufacturing company has exported fever-indicating clothes for children, containing nanoparticles with antibacterial properties.

This year, € 100,000 worth of these clothes were exported to Kuwait and € 30,000 to Oman. A limited number were exported to Iraq, according to Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC).

“We produced fever-indicating nano shirts, hats and socks, which change color when the body temperature rises” said Hojati, CEO of the company.

“The color changes from blue to white in boys’ clothes and from pink to white in girls’ clothes. Following this change of color, parents immediately become aware of the fever of their children and can take appropriate medical measures to control it. Due to the presence of chitosan-silica composites, antibacterial properties have been created in these clothes,” he added.

The company has a variety of products, including antibacterial socks, oleophobic aprons and super-absorbent antibacterial towels.

According to the Head of Iran Nanotechnology Innovation Council (INIC), Saeid Sarkar, 15 industrial sectors in Iran currently use nanotechnology, adding that Iranian nano products have so far been exported to many countries, such as South Korea, Australia, China, Indonesia, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Canada, as well as European, African and Latin American countries.

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